SheepSoul® is the superior sheep wool lining incorporated in DASTI's winter Parkas and denim Jackets. The composition of this unique and patented lining is designed with an optimal blend of density and height to the pile, with added silky fiber to impart a light, warm and pleasurable sensation to the skin. The high porosity of the wool ensconces heat in each villi, while the silky fiber, combined with the Parka's membrane fabric, dispels excess moisture, enabling you to remain dry and comfortable during wear. As you wear the Parka, the "living" lining of SheepSoul® molds itself to your body's contours, providing a custom fit.

Transforming sheep's wool into SheepSoul® wool lining is an art form that DASTI technologists developed through four years of meticulous research and experimentation. Despite the considerable time involved in producing this perfect wool lining, the final product - SheepSoul® - offers numerous natural benefits.

We take pride in the superior quality of SheepSoul®, which is crafted from 100% natural sheep wool, with no blends or compromises. The main advantages and key features of the SheepSoul® lining include:

  • Natural sheep wool
  • Maintains natural body temperature
  • Prevents absorption of moisture and preserves dryness
  • Lightweight and negligible substrate weight
  • Moisture removal
  • Breathable lining
  • Softness and silkiness
  • Stretches easily in all four directions
  • Conforms to body shapes and curves
  • Long-lasting
  • Processable
  • Made in Ukraine

Let us elaborate on how we create our unique SheepSoul® wool lining. Each year, during the end of winter, shepherds use an electric tool similar to a razor to shear their sheep. The annual fleece of a single sheep can weigh over 8 kilograms, although most are typically around 4-5 kilograms. The utmost care is taken to ensure that the shearing process does not harm the sheep in any way. After shearing, a short pile remains, which prevents the sheep from overheating during hot summer months while keeping them warm.

The next stage is hygienic cleaning of the raw material, which takes place in several steps, removing dirt, impurities, and natural fat from wool fibers. Once cleaned, the raw material undergoes the straightening process. By nature, sheep wool is curly, and special machines stretch the fibers through small metal teeth during the straightening process, making the wool soft and fluffy. The fibers are cut into thin flat pieces and formed into elongated long sheets of wool.

Spinning is the next stage, which transforms pieces of wool into material that can be used in future production. Thanks to a special wheel, 2-5 strands of wool are twisted together to produce strength. The outcome is long, robust pieces of wool known as yarn.

The final stage is dyeing. Wool rapidly absorbs water, making it susceptible to dyeing. During the SheepSoul® lining creation, we dye it in the recognizable color of Champagne, adding a dye of the desired shade.

It is critical to note that no animals were harmed during the production of SheepSoul® lining. We care for the animal world and encourage everyone to join us in doing so.

We invested a great deal of thought and time into creating our product, which is why we chose to patent our invention to safeguard its uniqueness and value. DASTI is the sole and exclusive owner of the rights and patent for the SheepSoul® lining. Any violation of the patent owner's rights will result in liability in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine, Russia, Europe, and the USA.