Meet our team

As designers, we strive to fully realize our creative potential through the production process, and view clothing design as an unshakable postulate. But for those of us who are captivated by the practical aspect of creating outerwear, there is an additional, and perhaps the most crucial way to express our creativity: by designing for comfort. The realm of creating comfortable outerwear is a fantastic playground, a limitless territory for experimentation, and the more we delve into it, the more we realize how much lies ahead, waiting to be discovered and created. Join me in exploring the boundless possibilities of creating comfortable, yet stylish outerwear. - Ksenia
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Our CEO is the driving force behind our company, embodying the very essence of the DASTI brand. With an unwavering passion for generating innovative ideas, even those that may seem impossible at first glance, our CEO ensures that we remain in sync with our colleagues and continually move forward. Her infectious laughter, genuine emotions, and sharp intellect are the perfect recipe for success, and she embodies all of these traits. Her dynamic leadership style and unwavering commitment to excellence serve as a constant inspiration to us all, propelling us forward toward new heights of achievement.


Anastasia Kuranova

Chief Operating Officer

Everything that can be accounted for and can be analyzed is its main task. No matter what, numbers and statistics can tell 80% of any situation. He believes that it is possible to find an approach to each person and explain any behavior. I am sure that only a real team can develop.


Alyona Aladieva

Director of Sales Development



Our Sales Department Head is an individual with a passion for tennis and travel. Alongside these hobbies, she loves spending time with her beloved snow-white dog, indulging in delicious, preferably endless food, shopping for the latest trends, and watching movies. Her zest for life is contagious and her positive attitude is an inspiration to us all. Her love for working with interesting people and tackling challenging tasks is what truly sets her apart and makes her the heart of our team here at DASTI. Her energetic approach to her work, combined with her personal interests, make her a true asset to our company and a leader to be admired.


Svetlana Skripilova

Director of international network development

Wonder Woman, and we're not kidding! Able to conduct several zooms in an hour, organize several deliveries, form a bulk order and organize a catalog in two minutes. And she is able to combine all this with motherhood and personal life. He knows how to surprise the team with nice gifts, even though he is located very far from our main office.


Yulia Fedotkina

Store manager

+38 096 773 5525

Able to handle any situation and resolve your issue in a few moves. Despite his fragility and femininity, he is a jack of all trades - he can repair anything without question and with ease. And if you took the consultation on the purchase personally, you can be sure that your size will be chosen perfectly, the color will match the color of your hair, the length will correspond to your height, etc.


Maria Skrypko

Head of production processes

The ability to control each stitch and the production process as a whole is her main superpower in the DASTI team. A happy owner of a small dog, a magician of a delicious dinner and a confident driver behind the wheel. A million skills in one person. Every time the team visits its production in Chernihiv, it is able to organize the best tour and introduce everything.


Olga Onoprienko

Chief Accountant

The main person in the company, because the monthly salary calculation depends on her :) She is able to find our every mistake, make any table and generate most of the reports. It seems that we would not have been able to do it without her. And also a sensitive mother, a self-confident woman and definitely an excellent specialist in her field.