How to place an order

Step-by-step instructions

Making an order on the DASTI website is easy. For this you need:

1. Log in to the site or register if you are on our site for the first time:

When authorizing, just enter your email and password and click the "Log in" button:

If you are on our website for the first time, you need to select the "Create an account" button and proceed to registration. A form will open before you, which you need to fill out and click the "Create" button.

Registration is complete, the next step is to enter your personal data to send orders. To do this, you need to log in to your personal account, select "Add a new adDress" and fill out the form.


After that, you can easily make purchases, exchanges and returns at a convenient time for you.

2. Find the necessary product.

3. Choose a size. For this purpose, our website has a "Virtual fitting room", with which you can choose the size more accurately:


4. Click on the desired size and add to the cart. Mark whether you need to call to clarify and confirm the order. After that, the site will offer you to "Make an order":


5. When placing an order, you need to check all the information: the product and its quantity, your contact details, choose delivery or self-pickup, the payment method and familiarize yourself with the purchase rules.

After that, proceed to the next stage, choosing a method of payment for the order. Fill in the payment data if you want to pay for the order or select the "Cash" button to pay for the order by cash on delivery.

ATTENTION: When choosing payment after payment (cash on delivery), you can place no more than 2 orders with this payment method. All subsequent orders must be paid for before shipping if you need more.

6. The system will notify you about a successful order and send a confirmation to the specified email adDress:


ATTENTION: if you choose the payment method - cash on delivery (cash on delivery), you can place no more than 2 orders with this payment method. If it is necessary to place more than 2 orders at once, all subsequent orders must be paid for before shipment.

Thank you for understanding!