How to use the "Virtual fitting room" on the website

We always strive to provide you the maximum level of convenience and comfort. At the numerous requests and wishes of our regular customers, we implemented a technological development on our website - the "Virtual fitting" service, which will definitely make your customer experience more confident and eliminate the risk of an unsuccessful purchase.

We all know how difficult it can be sometimes to take the plunge and buy something you want online when you're not sure if the size will fit.

Now that's in the past!

Go to our website, choose the item you want, fill in only a few of your parameters, follow the recommendations of the virtual assistant, and get a fantastic alternative to a real fitting room in an offline store. the system will show how the item you want will look exactly on you, and provide options for fitting the product within the available size range nets You will receive a visual and textual consultation, and having made a decision to buy one or another size, you will definitely get wHat you need!

Brief instructions for using the "Virtual fitting room" on our website:

  1. Choose the desired item
  2. In the product card, under the "Add to cart" button, you will see the "Virtual fitting" button *

* If the "Virtual fitting" widget is inactive, it means that we need some more time for measurements, but you can clarify the information you need from our online consultant.

  1. Following the recommendations of the virtual assistant, fill in your parameters and click the "Done" button:

  1. As soon as all the parameters are filled in, the system will automatically give you the result with a detailed description of the fit of the product:

  1. IMPORTANTLY! The system will provide you with measurements of all available sizes, so you will have the opportunity to independently compare and choose the size, taking into account the parameters of the clothes that you plan to wear with the selected model: