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Most designers realize their creative potential in production and position clothing and its design as a postulate that cannot be questioned. And this is not to mention creating while playing... But if you, like me, are first of all fascinated by the practical component of the business and the actual production of outerwear, then there is one more and perhaps the most important way to show your creative side: creating comfort.

Creating comfort in outerwear is a fantastic playing field, a territory of limitless experiments, and the more a person immerses himself in it, the more the understanding of how much is still ahead, how much everything needs to be discovered and created.



Ksenia Atanova DASTI CEO founder of DASTI
Anastasia Kuranova DASTI Operations Director
Alena Aladyeva DASTI Sales Head
Ksenia Atanova
Anastasia Kuranova Alyona Aladieva
Chief Operating Officer Director of Sales Development
The soul of our company and the creator of the DASTI brand. Thanks to the unstoppable generation of new ideas, sometimes at first glance impossible to implement, we are always in tune with our colleagues and actively moving forward! Ringing laughter, sincerity of emotions and a sharp mind - this is our ideal formula for success. And she hides in it!
Everything that can be accounted for and can be analyzed is its main task. No matter what, numbers and statistics can tell 80% of any situation. He believes that it is possible to find an approach to each person and explain any behavior. I am sure that only a real team can develop.

The biggest hobby is great tennis and traveling. Loves her snow-white dog, delicious (and preferably endless :) food, shopping, movies, funny people and interesting work. All of this fits perfectly at DASTI, which is why she is the heart of our team.


Anya Ivanova
Svetlana Skripilova DASTI Russia Head
Yulia Fedotkina DASTI Showroom Manager
Anna Ivanova
Svetlana Skripilova Yulia Fedotkina
Manager of work with international marketplaces
Director of international network development Store manager +38 096 773 5525
The only person in our team who is so fanatical about everything Korean. And more - and more - she knows not only Ukrainian and Russian, but also speaks Japanese and a little Korean. A new development direction for DASTI has been found :) Anya, get ready! At the same time, he knows how to be a great friend, the soul of the company and cheer everyone up at the holiday. And at the same time, our American market is in her safe hands.
Wonder Woman, and we're not kidding! Able to conduct several zooms in an hour, organize several deliveries, form a bulk order and organize a catalog in two minutes. And she is able to combine all this with motherhood and personal life. He knows how to surprise the team with nice gifts, even though he is located very far from our main office.
Able to handle any situation and resolve your issue in a few moves. Despite his fragility and femininity, he is a jack of all trades - he can repair anything without question and with ease. And if you took the consultation on the purchase personally, you can be sure that your size will be chosen perfectly, the color will match the color of your hair, the length will correspond to your height, etc.
Maria Skrypko
Angelina Bessmertnaya DASTI Marketplace Manager Daria Dmitrienko DASTI Sales Representative
Maria Skrypko
Olga Onoprienko Daria Dmytrenko
Head of production processes
Chief Accountant Sales specialist
The ability to control each stitch and the production process as a whole is her main superpower in the DASTI team. A happy owner of a small dog, a magician of a delicious dinner and a confident driver behind the wheel. A million skills in one person. Every time the team visits its production in Chernihiv, it is able to organize the best tour and introduce everything.
The main person in the company, because the monthly salary calculation depends on her :) She is able to find our every mistake, make any table and generate most of the reports. It seems that we would not have been able to do it without her. And also a sensitive mother, a self-confident woman and definitely an excellent specialist in her field.
The most active among the DASTI team, passionate about traveling and in love with life. He skillfully plays tennis in his free time and manages to complete his law studies in between all his work. Every day she meets you in our store and kindly offers to try on everything that catches your eye.
Quality control specialist Olga Onoprienko DASTI Chief Accountant Alina Titova DASTI Sales Manager
Julia BoHatyuk
Angelina Bezsmertna Alina Titova
Quality control specialist
Marketplace content manager Sales specialist
Fragile and shy, but at the same time focused on her work. It is she who ensures the control of each DASTI product and does everything possible to ensure that only high-quality and ideal products reach you.
The sorceress over all marketplaces, capable of boosting sales of any goods. She is fond of cooking delicious dishes and is able to surprise the whole team with her culinary masterpieces. He has a great sense of style, and therefore always chooses the best and most realistic photos of our products for placement on the sites.

You would never guess, but Alina is a math teacher and choreographer by education. He devotes his free time to drawing and creating music. Loves stylish things and fun company, that's why she chose DASTI. Easily helps each buyer choose the necessary item and help with such a wide range.
Alexander Breus
Alexander Breus
Specialist in logistics and placement of goods
The strongest and strongest hands of the DASTI team. Will be in time everywhere, deliver all our goods to the required place and send every parcel of our customers on time. The girls always quickly and easily find the size you need, because Oleksandr laid out everything according to Pantone numbers in advance.