DASTI is a Ukrainian brand for those who live in harmony between style and nature.

We produce women's, men's and children's outerwear. But our main pride is winter parka jackets, made on the basis of a patented wool lining. Carpathian sheep guarantee that none of them were harmed in the production process!

5 of our values ​​that warm even in the coldest winter:

- real sheep's wool;

- innovative lining SheepSoul;

- concern for the preservation of the planet;

- no animal was harmed during production;

- support of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

SheepSoul is the wool pearl of our parks

Are wool and pearls incompatible? You will change your mind when you see the Champagne lining, which before meeting you has undergone safe sheep shearing, strict hygienic cleaning in several stages and careful spinning. It is her warm, soft embrace that makes DASTI parks truly beloved and cozy.

More specifics and uniqueness? Always ready!

SheepSoul is a unique sheep wool lining. Its formula is patented from the smallest hair to the final product:

1) Silk fiber is added to the perfectly prepared pile, it is this combination that makes the products light and airy.

2) Technologists took everything into account: thanks to the porosity of such a material, the product retains heat much more effectively, remaining pleasant to the skin.

3) We add parka membrane fabric to our duet and get moisture removal, comfort and stable dry heat even in the most severe frost.

4) The lining retains such softness that it is called "living", because it adapts to the curves of the body, maintaining the convenience and beautiful silhouette of the product.

The basis of the lining is 100% natural sheep wool. Maybe we don't know how to build rockets, but we have no equal in making high-quality and warm parkas!

Therefore, we claim: 3 things can be done endlessly. Look at fire, water and list the advantages of SheepSoul linings:

- natural sheep wool;

- maintenance of natural body temperature;

- preservation of dryness and prevention of pruritus;

- lightness and low weight of the substrate;

- softness and silkiness;

- removes moisture;

- breathes;

- easily stretches in all 4 directions;

- adjusts to body shapes and curves;

- long-term use;

- subject to processing;

- made in Ukraine.

If our Carpathian sheep could talk, they would definitely be proud of the technologists who turned their wool into real art! It took 4 years, a staff of expert employees, many trials and experiments to invent the perfect substrate. All you have to do is reach out and see for yourself that SheepSoul really has a soul.

PS Our lawyers are ready to protect the painstaking work of sheep, because every DASTI product starts with them. Huge mental resources and hours of hard work have gone into creating our product, and the results are patented.

Animal safety comes first

Sheep are sheared at the end of winter using a safe electric tool. The process takes place with the utmost care and under strict control - this is a guarantee that no animal will be harmed. After shearing, sheep are left with a short pile that prevents overheating and allows them to feel comfortable even in the hottest summer.

Quality eco-approach

In 2019, we revised our strategy and switched to supporting and protecting nature, completely abandoning animal fur and reducing the use of natural leather.

Are you afraid that artificial fur will lose in softness and quality? We are ready to bet that even an expert will not be able to distinguish our fur from natural fur: neither by touch nor visually. After all, our technologists have achieved incredible success:

- the most advanced technologies are used for the production of our fur;

- we use only high-quality and modern materials;

- the appearance of fur does not cease to pleasantly surprise buyers, allowing them to easily switch to ecological products.

Don't like fur? The stylists have foreseen everything: each DASTI parka with fur on the hood is equipped with a zipper, so you can easily remove it. Even here, we monitor every detail: all zippers are strong, removing the fur takes just a few seconds, and the appearance of the product retains its attractiveness in any version.

Previously, animals suffered because of fur hoods. Now you can wear a parka and realize that you have contributed to saving nature. We are for humanity and for life!

Eco is important. Eco - concerns everyone

We all live on one planet, which is our only home. Our children, grandchildren, and their grandchildren's grandchildren will live on it.

The animal world is the same part of this system. It needs our protection and support so that our children can live surrounded by natural benefits. Give them the opportunity to see our planet as we see it now.

Smart eco is a smart choice. This is a rejection of fur and a conscious recycling of old clothes.

DASTI allows you to make your contribution to the protection of nature and get only pleasant emotions at the same time. Join us: In 2019, we adopted an African elephant, a wombat and a koala in support of the World Wide Fund for Nature. And you will also be involved in their well-being!

Let's make this world better together!