DIST inspires people to enjoy the moment. From t-shirts to winter parkas, everything we do is dedicated to your feeling of comfort and confidence in the most important moments of life. We believe that by sharing our experience and skills with you, we turn the mundane into something more significant and exciting. And we are sure that each of us can look stylish and perfect on any given day.

the company DIST founded at the beginning of 2015 in Kyiv by a team in love with the winter lifestyle; brave people who sincerely believed in the postulate that beautiful and functional winter clothes should not cost all the money in the world. What started as a few ordinary parka raincoats has turned into a brand that is adored by people from more than 100 countries around the world.

We are inspired by the places where we accompany our clients. Snow-capped mountains of Denali, endless streets of small European cities, winter vacation in resort regions of Ukraine, - DIST travels around the world through the eyes and impressions of our customers.

And these are millions of enthusiastic customers DASTI who add magic to our lives. Enjoying each day to the fullest, they inspire us daily to continue creating the most beautiful and innovative outerwear and accessories.

We have focused a lot of energy and time on the development of a unique formula of the signature lining that we use in our winter collections. It is in order to protect and preserve this feature of our product that we have registered a patent for a one-of-a-kind sheep wool lining SheepSoul®.

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