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Are you the lucky owner of a DASTI winter parka?

Would you like a winter parka from the new collection?

Join the Trade in Park promotion: exchange your old DASTI winter parka for a new one with a 40% discount

We will send your parka for recycling.

The materials that make up your park will get a second life and you will have a new improved park, and there will be one less thing on the planet.

Promotion conditions:

1. All men's and women's winter parks take part in the promotion.

2. The parka must be of the DASTI brand.

3. The presence of a fur collar and the general condition of the parka do not matter!

4. The coupon can only be used to purchase a winter parka: men's, women's or children's (at the same time, children's parks do not participate in the program, but they can be purchased with a coupon).

5. The coupon must be used by December 31, 2021.

6. The coupon cannot be exchanged for money or used in partner stores.

7. The Promotional discount cannot be combined with other promotions/special offers.

8. The return of a park purchased with a coupon is returned without the denomination of the coupon.

9. The return of the old park is not provided under any circumstances.

10. The DASTI company reserves the right to refuse to receive the Coupon for the "TradeIn" promotion or to suspend it until the end date specified in clause 5.

11. The coupon does not apply to other groups of goods.

12. The coupon can be used in both online and offline stores.

Conditions for obtaining a coupon for online shopping under the TradeIn program:

1. On our website, it is necessary to fill out the TradeIn form and accept the conditions of the TradeIn promotion - a mark ✓ is required that the client has accepted the conditions.

2. Then there are two options:

- You can send the park to our store by Novaya Poshta at the address: Kyiv, str. Raisy Okipnoi, 8 DASTI, recipient FOP Atanova K.V., 0967735525 The parcel must be accompanied by a letter: the name and phone number of the owner of the park.

- You can come to our store at the address of Kyiv, st. Raisy Okipnoi, 8 DASTI and immediately exchange the old DASTI parka for a new winter parka with a discount.

3. If you sent an old parka to us by Nova Poshta, when you receive your parka in the store, you will be sent a unique personalized coupon to your phone number.

4. The coupon must be specified in the "Coupon" field in the online order.

Discount applies to winter parks only.

Happy shopping and fabulous winter!